About Me


I’m Thakur Rahul Singh, co-founder and CEO of Winkl.

Winkl is one of India’s leading influencer marketing automation platforms that helps top brands like Flipkart, Cult fit, Bombay Shaving Company, Dabur, etc., with their influencer marketing needs.

I started Winkl right out of college in 2016, and for the next 2.5 years, we ran a bunch of experiments and tested some ideas –

  1. A footfall driving platform for offline brands
  2. An interactive blog post creators & mobile first blogs for bloggers
  3. A proximity marketing solution for malls & high streets

In early 2019 is when we started working on what Winkl is currently. Today Winkl is a profitable company with a $1.5 million ARR and growing.

At Winkl I spend a lot of my time on product & sales. I also end up doing odd jobs once in a while, to keep the ship afloat and growing!

Apart from Winkl, I am deeply curious about understanding human behavior and psychology (a super power in my opinion!), passionate about aviation, motorcycling and video games.

I am quite active on LinkedIn and trying to be more active on Twitter. The best way to reach me is via email.

Also, I am trying to be more consistent with my writing, which you can read here.