1 person company

I am in the creator/influencer business and on a daily basis, come across creators who run a one person army and are raking in more revenue than many of the funded startups. Some are running courses, some are selling premium content, many are working on brand deals and few are trying to monetize from theirContinue reading “1 person company”

My north star metric

Every great company or a business usually focusses on one single metric. The metric that helps them take decisions, the metric that helps them measure success, the metric that gives their employees a clear guidance and direction, like a north star. The north star varies for different companies. For companies like Facebook, it’s the numberContinue reading “My north star metric”

Book Notes – Mental Models: 30 Thinking Tools that Separate the Average From the Exceptional

I was first introduced to the concept of mental models by Paras Chopra when he spoke about it on a podcast with Kunal Shah. Mental models are like a map which can help us navigate this highly complex thing called life, or maybe a better way to think of them is comparing it to aContinue reading “Book Notes – Mental Models: 30 Thinking Tools that Separate the Average From the Exceptional”

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